Biography of Marty Beyer, Ph.D.

Marty Beyer is a child welfare and juvenile justice consultant with a Ph.D. in clinical/community psychology from Yale University.

Marty assisted Alabama and Oregon with strengths/needs-based child welfare practice, worked with ACS in New York City to implement visit coaching, serves on the Katie A. Panel in Los Angeles and is assisting communities in several states implement visit coaching.

Marty is a U.S. Justice Department monitor in New York state juvenile facilities. She was LGBT consultant to the Hawaii Office of Youth Services and an expert in Rosie D. (a Massachusetts class action on behalf of Medicaid-eligible children). She supported the implementation of strengths/needs-based practices with delinquent youth in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C.

Marty provides developmental assessments for juvenile waiver/transfer hearings, sentencing for juveniles in adult court, and dispositional planning in juvenile court.

Marty offers training and consultation on juvenile justice, child welfare, and mental health services for children and families.

Marty’s child welfare publications include "Too Little, Too Late: Designing Family Support to Succeed,” “Developmentally-Sound Practice in Family and Juvenile Court,” “Visit Coaching: Building on Family Strengths to Meet Children’s Needs” and a chapter in Children of Incarcerated Parents: Developmental and Clinical Issues (Yvette R. Harris, James A. Graham, and Gloria Oliver Carpenter, eds.).

Marty’s juvenile justice publications include "Juvenile Boot Camps Don't Make Sense," “Experts for Juveniles at Risk of Adult Sentences,” "Delinquent Girls: A Developmental Perspective," "What's Behind Behavior Matters,” "Punishing Children for their Disabilities," "Fifty Delinquents in Juvenile and Adult Court," “Developmentally-Sound Practice in Family and Juvenile Court” and a chapter in Promoting Health and Well Being in the Juvenile Justice System (Francine Sherman and Francine Jacobs, Eds.).


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